Men’s Square Wedding Rings

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Square wedding rings possess a distinct macho look about the subject. These bands are squared around the outdoors and rounded inside for any comfortable and comfortable accomodate the finger.

As the majority of the metals employed for crafting wedding rings are highly malleable, developing a square band isn’t difficult. Square wedding rings could be crafted from any material selected after which embellished in almost any preferred manner. Most jewelers are available to the thought of incorporating customer ideas after which crafting exquisite and different wedding rings.

Two-tone or multi-tone square wedding rings really are a popular choice because they bear a distinguished look. These bands combine several different colors inside a pleasing manner. This can be a classic style that doesn’t go from fashion. Special techniques are utilized to combine layers of contrasting colored metals using high pressure and heat. The resultant metal has unique patterns that appear to be fabulous on square wedding rings.

For instance, three layers of pure 18K white-colored, 18K yellow, and 18K red gold welded and crafted skilfully form intricately patterned square wedding rings. Such bands could be further enhanced by using gemstones. An innovative builder could make an limitless quantity of patterns while mixing metals of differing hues.

Square wedding rings lend themselves perfectly to geometric patterns. The form from the surface functions like a supportive background for a number of geometric shapes. Jewelers take orders for particular engravings too. The marginally bigger width of the square wedding ring bakes an ideal setting for that engraving.

A titanium square wedding ring of 2mm thickness would cost around $200. A square wedding ring made from 14k gold by 50 percent.5 mm thickness would also cost around $200. An identical one created using white-colored gold will definitely cost slightly lesser. An identical size created using 9k gold may bring lower the cost significantly.

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