Stylish And Chic Bag Brands For A Complete Makeover

Stylish And Chic Bag Brands For A Complete Makeover

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There is no doubt that in order to keep up with the daily usage, cheap bags fit perfectly in the scenario in terms of price and durability. However, everyone deserves to own a few nice and stylish bags as well. For a complete makeover, a good bag brand is worth every single paisa you spend. We have compiled a list of top stylish brands that will leave you in the state of awe.

  1. Elizabeth and James:

When you are looking for a bag that is walking on the line between classic and trendy looks, then Elizabeth and James is the best choice for you. The bags by this company are famous for its exotic designs, comfort, and functionality.

  1. Aritzia:

Artizia jumped in the bags market very recently but the products are top notch and innovative. The company uses thick leather for better looks. There is a lot less hardware in comparison to other brands. There is very less external branding which is unusual but welcomed by the users. Comparatively affordable Artizia bags often give an impression of the luxury bags which are much costlier than these bags.

  1. Caprese:

Known for the trendy designs and modern looks, this affordable brand is one of the in-demand bag brands. Caprese bags make a very bold statement and often come in bright colors along with modern design. These bags are often loved by the younger generation.

  1. Pour La Victoire:

Generally, if a celebrity owns a brand, it is common to assume that the products may not be as good as the star. But in the case of Cameron Diaz’s Pour La Victoire, the quality, functionality, durability, and designs are pleasantly much better than other bags in the similar price range in the market. These classic bags will not go out of style and go perfectly with every single piece in your wardrobe. As they are highly durable, you will be using them for years to come.

  1. Lavie:

This is a brand that is not only famous for the handbags but also for backpacks, slings, leather bags, totes, footwear, shoes, heels and other products for women. The company is well known for the innovative and bold designs. The price is much more affordable in comparison to other brands in this list. Lavie bags are not only cute and durable but they also have ample space for all the things you need on daily basis.

  1. Coach:

The Company makes a versatile collection of leather bags that stand tall in the market with the innovative designs, great functionality, and ease of use. The bags by Coach are bold and very interesting in terms of design.

Choosing the right bag that depicts your style and can help in a complete makeover cannot be an easy task. You have to keep your eyes on a lot of factors including storage capacity, price, color, design, durability and other features. Choose wisely and make sure to choose a durable piece so that it can stay with you for a longer period of time.

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